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Consultancy Services for the Supervsion of Work of the Sigor Wey-Wey integrated development project.

Supervision of works of the Integrated reclamation works over an area of 3,500 ha, including: flood control, irrigation and road works, rural centers, aqueducts and sewerage systems.

Technical Assistance to the Government of St. Maarten for the programming of the 11th EDF. FWC BENEF 2013 Lot 2 – Transport and Infrastructures

Technical Support to the St. Maarten Government concerning a joint funding of centralised wastewater treatment facility in the Cole Bay area, and to provide timely preparation and submission of programming documents (Draft Identification Fiche and Action Document) that may lead to the commitment of EDF funds.

Supervision of Works and Safety Coordination in Execution Phase for Reabilitation of Water and Sanitation Systems of Kirandich Basin and Capacity Building

The project is made of three components: Water Supply systems for Kabarnet town; Sewerage system and waste water management plant in Kabarnet; Extraordinary rehabilitation of Kirandich rockfill dam. Supervision of Works according to the Contract, Quality control of Works carried out; Cost Control of the Civil Works Contract; Taking-over of the completed Works; Health and Safety control on sites and the Environmental issues and Capacity Building in Training of Personnel to strengthen the capabilities of technical staff. EIA and EMP preparation.

Technical Assistance in: (i) Management and Supervision of the FIDIC type Civil Works contract (-s) for the project component “Construction of the main sewerage collector in Mogilev town”, (ii) Training of the Employer’s Personnel to work under FIDIC procedures.

The objective of this assignment is to provide technical consulting for the FIDIC management of the Project and training services to the Client’s Personnel and the relevant Supervision Bodies involved in FIDIC type contract(s) execution. Task 1. Consultancy Services for the purpose of FIDIC type Civil Works Contract(s) Supervision and Management; Task 2. Training of Personnel to work in accordance with FIDIC procedures.

Viet Nam Water Sector Investment Program Multi-Tranche Financing Facility (MFF) – Water Supply System for, Dien Ngoc Urban areas. Supervision of Works (ADB Loan No. 3251-VIE)

The supervision of works includes two main investment components: Component 1: Construction of water supply system Dien Nam Dien Ngoc urban area; (vi) Component 2: Expansion of Tam Hiep water supply system.

Technical Assistance to the National Agency of Water Supply and Sanitation systems (AKUK) of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructures, Tirana (Albania)

The activities includes: Tender Dossiers revision; Technical Assistance during tendering phase; Monitoring the Design preparation and audit the performances of the Designer; Monitoring the Supervision of Works activities and Safety coordination; Handing over assistance; Technical Assistance during the Defect Liability Period.

Coastal Cities Sustainable Environment Project – Dong Hoi City Sub-Project (IDA-6027) – Detailed Design and Bidding Documents for remaining items – Package DH1.21

Review Feasibility Study and Basic Design hydraulic modelling finalized to verify capacity of existing pumping stations, verify hydraulic calculation for all system and make recommendation on upgrading pumping station capacity; Review the Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP) to make recommendations for ESMP mitigation measures including Environmental, Social, Health and Safety (ESHS); Carry out geotechnical, topographical survey; Detail Design of the flooding protection, drainage, sewer and tertiary pipe systems, related pumping station, upgrade of WWTP.

Consultancy Services for Preparation of Master Drainage Plan for Storm Water Drainage System for Jaffna City Region and Preparation of Priority Investment Plan. Contract No. SCDP/WB/JF/CS/06

Master Plan – The main objective of the project is a detailed plan for the storm water drainage system of Jaffna City, that consists of both conveyance, retention and infiltration components of expanded city area that will have the capacity to meet the demand up to the year 2040 considering both climatic changes and urban developments. This shall be a planning guide for flooding risk assessment and management and an implementation tool which will be used for development of drainage system and other associated infrastructures in the city.

Inter-Communal Water Management along the Dniester

Technical assistance focused mainly on: Implementation of confidence building measures through inter municipal cooperation; Strengthening the capacity of operating entities to improve WSS services; Preparation of tender eligible investment profiles.

Package C1-C1: river basins-wide integrated drm plan (8 river basin 10 province). VN HAZ – 5139-VN: managing natural hazards project – WB5

The assignment scope covers 10 project provinces within which 8 river basins that have been identified for the purposes of developing River Basin Disaster Risk Management (RBDRM) Plans. These RBDRM Plans will adopt an integrative approach to DRM at the river basin scale, and will be used to update the Provincial DRM Plans which are required by Law. This approach is expected to provide a more holistic and responsive mechanism to address DRM in Vietnam’s Central Region.