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Detailed Design of Cahul Drainage System

Detailed design and Bidding Documents preparation for the rehabilitation of the drainage system in Cahul (6500 ha) irrigation sheme. Consultation with the land owners and users within that area and found out about the approval of the Design.
The works will include the rehabilitation of 110 km drainage channels and 2 drainage pumping stations.

“Millennium Development Goals Initiative: Water Supply and Sanitation” – Part 2 FWC SIEA 2018- LOT 2 : Infrastructure, sustainable growth and jobs

The project is aimed at the establishment, in a sustainable and equitable manner, of basic services of water supply and sanitation in six urban centers in Chad (Tot. 110,000 inhabitants). It will also contribute to strengthening the institutional framework through technical assistance to the Chadian Ministry of Environment, Water and Fisheries for the implementation of project activities as the Public Contracting Authority. Monitoring, control and supervision of works for water supply and sanitation networks in the six cities. Surveys and census of households interested in connecting to private connections.

Kathmandu Valley Water Supply Improvement Project- Additional Financing (KVWSIP-AF) LOAN – 3255 NEP. Updating Capital Investment and Asset Management Plan (CIAMP 01)

Master Plan – The key objective of the consulting service is to update CIAMP to help optimize water supply and wastewater infrastructure for providing realistic level of service delivery to the people, considering social, economic, institutional and environmental factors, and provide a roadmap to 2050 for phased investments for the rehabilitation, expansion and augmentation of water supply and wastewater services in all the municipalities of the Kathmandu Valley.

Consulting Services To Develop Water Supply And Sanitation Disaster Risk Preparedness Plan

The objective is to prepare the Water and Sanitation sector emergence preparedness Disaster Risk Management Plan to strengthen institutions, mechanisms and capacities at all levels, in particular at the community level that can systematically contribute to building resilience to hazards and disasters. IFAD

Smallholder irrigation Revitalization Programme (SIRP). Feasability Studie, Detail Design and Supervision of works

The objective of the SIRP is to increase agricultural production and productivity by the smallholder farmers in the pre-selected irrigation schemes and by the households in the dryland or rain-fed areas considered as the greater scheme areas in the assignment. Smallholder irrigation Revitalization Programme

Assessment and Supervision of Works for the Water Quality and Efficiency Improvement for Rural Water Supply Piped Schemes

The key objectives of the assignment is to perform the assessment of the current status of about 350 rural water schemes dislocates in 22 Rwandan Districts to determine the allocation of water meters and chlorination units, developing the most cost-effective detailed study and developing final designs with drawings, construction details and supervision of works

Can Tho river revetment – Respond to climate change in Can Tho city – Consulting service for technical support and capacity Enhancement

The objective of the consulting services is to improve management capacity of the PMU and related agencies of Can Tho city, ensuring that PMU has full capacity for operating and maintaining the existing works and newly constructed works in Can Tho city in an efficient and sustainable manner