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Albania 2020 - 2021 Seman River Risk Assessment and Management Project

Hydrological and Hydraulic Study of the intersection of Seman River and the Fier ByPass Road Section (Corridor North-South). Detailed Design of n. 32 concrete box culverts required to improve the drainage capacity through the road embankment to mitigate the risk of overtopping of the protection dyke on the hydraulic left of Seman River (Qmax = 2.200 m3/s).

Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy (Albania)
Albania 2019 - 2021 Water Resources and Irrigation Project (WRIP) “Consultancy Services for Supervisory Services for rehabilitation work of six irrigation schemes (Tregtan2, Tregtan3, Leminot, Slanica, Muriz Thana Cukas Branch and Muriz Thana Lushnja Lot 1 Branch)

The Ministry of Agriculture of the Rural Development (MARD) has launched the Water Resources and Irrigation Project (WRIP)” whose mission is to increase the Government capacity to manage water resources and to improve the performance of the irrigation system and irrigation institutions.
The scope of the project is to rehabilitate the following irrigation schemes Tregtan2, Tregtan3, Leminot, Slanica, Muriz Thana Cukas Branch and Muriz Thana Lushnja (Lot 1 Branch) for a total of irrigation area of 12.548 Ha.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) IBRD-IDA
Zimbabwe 2019 - 2021 Smallholder irrigation Revitalization Programme (SIRP). Feasability Study, Detail Design and Supervision of works

The objective of the SIRP is to increase agricultural production and productivity by the smallholder farmers in the pre-selected irrigation schemes and by the households in the dryland or rain-fed areas considered as the greater scheme areas in the assignment. Smallholder irrigation Revitalization Programme

Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Water, Climate and Rural Resettlement. IFAD
Sri Lanka 2017 - 2020 Consultancy Services for Preparation of Master Drainage Plan for Storm Water Drainage System for Jaffna City Region and Preparation of Priority Investment Plan. Contract No. SCDP/WB/JF/CS/06

Master Plan – The main objective of the project is a detailed plan for the storm water drainage system of Jaffna City, that consists of both conveyance, retention and infiltration components of expanded city area that will have the capacity to meet the demand up to the year 2040 considering both climatic changes and urban developments. This shall be a planning guide for flooding risk assessment and management and an implementation tool which will be used for development of drainage system and other associated infrastructures in the city.

The Ministry of Megapolis and Western Development MMWD. World Bank Funds
Kenya 2014 - 2019 Consultancy Services for the Supervsion of Work of the Sigor Wey-Wey integrated development project.

Supervision of works of the Integrated reclamation works over an area of 3,500 ha, including: flood control, irrigation and road works, rural centers, aqueducts and sewerage systems.

Ministry of Regional Development Authorities (MORDA) AICS
Cyprus 2014 Reuse of Treated Waste Water for Irrigation Purposes in Morphou/Guzelyurt. FWC BENEF 2013 Lot 2 – Transport and Infrastructures

Preparation of conceptual and detailed design and tender documents for the Morphou/Güzelyurt’s water reuse scheme to safely irrigate cultivated areas surrounding the sewage treatment plant with reclaimed water. The irrigation scheme includes also the construction of a water reservoir to buffer seasonal imbalances between reclaimed water demand and supply.

European Commission – EU Programme Support Office in Nicosia DG Enlargement
Afghanistan 2011 - 2013 Water Resources Development Investment Program (WRDIP)-Tranche 1 – Detail Design of the Nangarhar Irrigation system and flood protection

Final design and Bidding Documents preparation of the rehabilitation and upgrading of the NVDA irrigation system (component 1), main canal, secondary structures, and larger tertiary structures serving about 25,000 ha. Final design and Bidding Documents preparation for the Northern Basins Program & Flood Management Program (component 2). Supervision of works, of the above two (2) contracts packaging.

Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock - Ministry of Energy and Water AfDB
Moldova 2011-2013 Detailed Design of the Centralized Irrigation Systems Rehabilitation Activities

Rehabilitation of 11 Centralized Irrigation Schemes (CIS), 5 on the banks of the River Prut (Western Moldova) and 6 on the banks of the River Nistru (Eastern Moldova), for an overall extension of 15,500 ha.

Millenium Challenge Account Moldova MCC
Philipinnes 2011 Technical Assistance to Agrarian Reform Community Development Support Program

The overall objective of the project is the provision of consultancy to develop a deeper understanding on the Afghanistan’s rural water sector development needs and recommend actions to improve the sector and its agencies’ performance to deliver services to the communities using “CDD approach” (that include institutional systems, monitoring systems, participation of community etc).

Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) AICS
Italy 1999 Palidoro-S.Severa Irrigation Project (Roma)

Detailed Design of 1,045 ha sprinkler irrigation area of the Palidoro-S.Severa Irrigation Project-IV phase. Works consist of a pressure conveyance network, distribution and field pipelines.

Agro Romano Reclamation Authority (Rome, Italy)
Kenya 1998 -1999 Wei-Wei Development Integrated Programme -Phase III (West Pokot Region)

Master Plan and Final Design of Sigor Irrigation Project-III Phase, in Sigor district-West Pokot Region. The study included: extension of sprinkler irrigation area (300 ha net area), drainage works on the Korellach basin of 3,000 ha; mini-hydro (100 KW) for the energy supply; primary school (200 children), with dispensary.

Kerio Valley Development Authority (Nairobi, Kenya)
Kenya 1995 Wei Wei Development Integrated Programe -Phase II (West Pokot Region)

Technical Assistance to carry out the Final technical and administrative Inspection on Wei-Wei Project required prior to works handover to the Client.

Kerio Valley Development Authority (Nairobi, Kenya)
Rwanda 1995 Kagitumba-Muvumba Project (Nyagatare)

Technical Assistance to carry out the Final technical and administrative Inspection on Kagituma-Muvumba irrigation Project required prior to works handover to the Client. The works included 100 ha of rice field irrigation and drainage scheme.

Tanzania 1995 Hombolo Irrigation Project (Dodoma)

Technical Assistance to carry out the Final technical and administrative Inspection on Hombolo Irrigation Project required prior to works handover to the Client. (600 ha extension).

Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Rome)
Nigeria 1992 Lower Anambra Irrigation Project (Anambra State)

Conception, investigation and technical control of Feasibility Study for 4,000 ha (gross area) of irrigated land in left bank of Anambra river (Ifite Ogwari).

Il Nuovo Castoro (Rome, Italy)
Nigeria 1991 Wurno Irrigation Project (Sokoto State)

Final design of Wurno Dam rehabilitation works. The project included rehabilitation of an existing irrigation scheme of about 1,200 ha and related Wurno earth fill dam

Il Nuovo Castoro (Rome, Italy)
Italy 1990 Irrigation of F. Liri right bank area Project (Cassino)

Final Design of 9,000 ha irrigated land. Works consist of a pressure conveyance network, accumulation reservoirs, distribution and field pipelines.

Consorzio di Bonifica della Valle del Liri (Frosinone, Italy)
Kenya 1990 Western Province Irrigation Project (Western Province)

Support in the Final Design preparation of irrigation and drainage systems over 7,000 ha in the Western Province: Buyala irrigation zone, Amagoro and Mumias drainage zones.

Bonifica S.p.A. /Rome, Italy)
Senegal 1990 Hydro agricultural Development Program in Matam Department (Matam)

Preliminary design, Final design and Technical Assistance during construction for implementation of the irrigation works under lot 1/A of the Matam integrated project. Net irrigated area 1,500 ha.

Italtekna S.p.A. (Rome, Italy)
Somalya 1987 -1990 Giohar rehabilitation Project (Giohar)

Supervisor for the Giohar farm rehabilitation and monitoring project (10,000 ha). Supervisor of Giohar Sugar factory rehabilitation project (on behalf of Italtekna S.p.A.).

Italtekna spa (Rome, Italy)