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Country Year Title Short Description Client
Indonesia 2021 - 2025 Consulting Services for Implementation Consultant (IC) Spam Regional Wosusokas, Indonesia – ODA funded by KfWv

The Government of Indonesia has secured Loan from German Financial Cooperation (KfW) for implementation Regional Water Supply System, with the aim to provide adequate, safe and cost-effective water supply services to underserved urban and peri-urban centres of Wosusokas area, in compliance to the Government Regulation (PP) No . 122 of 2015 concerning Drinking Water Supply Systems (SPAM). The Consultancy services aims are the Detailed design review (10 months), tender documents preparation for no. 5 works packages (2 months) and supervision and Contract management (36 months)

Ministry of Public Works and Housing Water Development
Somaliland 2020 - 2022 Supervision of Maydh Jetty Construction, Sanaag Region, Somaliland

The project is aimed at the Maydh Jetty Construction in Sanaag Region, Somaliland.
The Specific Objective of this Assignment is the Supervision of the Maydh Jetty construction by FIDIC Conditions of Contract Guideline (edit by the International Federation of Consulting Engineers, commonly known as FIDIC), which are an international standard for consulting engineering and construction.

SDF (Somaliland Development Fund) Secretariat
Italy 2007- 2019 Darsena Energetica Grandi Masse (Civitavecchia)

Technical Assistance during construction of the Lot 1, including construction of 1,300 m breakwater embankment composed by a tout–venant core, rock-fill filter, and antifer protection.

Itinera spa (Roma, taly)
Italy 2008 Darsena Energetica Grandi Masse (Civitavecchia)

Technical assitence for the preparation of the Final & Deatil Design of the dock “Darsena Energetica Grandi Masse” (Civitavecchia).

SJS srl (Taranto, Italy)
Italy 2008 Extension of the C.Colombo cassons breakwater (Civitavecchia)

Design and consultancy activity during the Tender stage for the awarding of the construction cassons breakwater.

Jv Astaldi spa and Itinera spa (Roma, taly)
Italy 2005 Santa Teresa Port (Salerno)

Preliminary and Final Design of the Santa Teresa Port extension.The project included construction of a new breakwater for the existing quay protection, total length of 110 m with a height ranging from of 3–5 m.

Salerno Port Authority (Salerno, Italy)
Albania 2005 Vlora Port Improvement Works

Identification and appraisal of the improvement works of the Vlora Port. The project is aimed at the port’s infrastructure improvement by the dredging and reclamation of water basin, construction of a new quay structure (110 m) and ferry berth (120 m) others ancillary structures, for a total investment amount of 30 M€.

Italy 2004 Esaro Dam Project

Supervision of works of the Esaro concrete arch-gravity Dam (100 Mmc storage volume).

Regione Calabria
Italy 2002 Menta Dam intake works (Reggio Calabria)

The works include the Detailed Design and Construction of water intake of Menta Dam for the water supply purpose (discharge 1.0 m3/s design).

Italian Ministry of Pubblic Works.
Italy 2000 Diversion on Sarmento river (Potenza)

The project involves the construction of diversion on Sarmento river, included a concrete weir spillway with 820 m3/s flood design discharge; hydraulic tunnel (10 m2 area section and 2 km length) between the diversion and Sinni river basin, to feed the Monte Cotugno dam water storage.

Ente Sviluppo Irrigazione Puglia e Irpini (Bari, Italy)
Italy 1997 Ottavia water centre (Rome)

The project involves the construction of a storage tank (4,500 m3) equipped with an overflow-system designed with a discharge of 8 m3/s and pumping station (680 KW).

ACEA S.p.A. (Rome, Italy)
Italy 1995 Destricella Water distribution system (Catania)

Hydro agricultural development programme in Destricella area with irrigation distribution system and water distribution system.

PROBI srl/Il Nuovo Castoro spa (Rome, Italy)
Philipinnes 1995 S.Roque Dam Project (Province of Pangasinan)

Co-ordination of the S.Roque multipurpose dam Prefeasibility Study. The Project consists of a Roller-Compact Concrete dam on Agno River for power and irrigation purpose (Province of Pangasinan).

PROBI srl/Società Italiana Condotte d'Acqua (Rome, Italy)
Mozambique 1995 Corumana Dam (Corumana)

Technical Assistance activities to carry out the Final technical and administrative Inspection required prior to Corumana Dam handover to the Client. The works include construction of an earth fill dam of regulation storage volume of 1,230 Mmc; embankment volume: 8 Mmc; max. height: 46.5 m, max. length: 2,330 m; concrete spillway: 6,100 mc/s design discharge.

Direccion Nacional Da Aguas do Ministero da Construcao e Aguas do Governo Mocambicano
Algeria 1993 - 1995 Hammam Boughrara Dam (Wilaya de Tlemecen)

Technical Assistance at the job site to the Contractor in the Hammam Boughrara dam construction. The works include construction of an earth fill dam of regulation storage volume: 153 Mmc; embankment volume: 3.5 Mmc; max. height: 58 m, max. length: 973 m; concrete spillway: 5,000 mc/s design discharge.

Republique Algerienne - Ministere de l'Equipement (Wilaya de Tlemecen, Algerie)
Uganda 1992 - 1994 Lake Victoria Fishery Project

Supervision of construction of fishery godown (8,400 m3), pier and jetty on Lake Victoria.

Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Rome)
Italy 1991 Scannarello Miny Hydro (Amatrice)

Design and consultancy concerning Tender for awarding the construction works of Scannarello hydroelectric plant (1,200 Kw).

Comune di Amatrice (Amatrice, Italy)
Italy 1990 Mortazzolu Dam Project (Nuoro)

Support in preparation of the Rio Mortazzolu earth Dam Feasibility Study (4.5 Mmc).

PROBI srl (Rome, Italy)
Zaire 1990 Inga Hydroelectric Power Plant (Inga)

Hydraulic Studies of the power station’s discharge channel. Discharge 1.5 m3/s) Design.

Astaldi S.p.A. (Rome, Italy)