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Water Resources and Irrigation Project (WRIP) “Consultancy Services for Supervisory Services for rehabilitation work of six irrigation schemes (Tregtan2, Tregtan3, Leminot, Slanica, Muriz Thana Cukas Branch and Muriz Thana Lushnja Lot 1 Branch)

The Ministry of Agriculture of the Rural Development (MARD) has launched the Water Resources and Irrigation Project (WRIP)” whose mission is to increase the Government capacity to manage water resources and to improve the performance of the irrigation system and irrigation institutions.
The scope of the project is to rehabilitate the following irrigation schemes Tregtan2, Tregtan3, Leminot, Slanica, Muriz Thana Cukas Branch and Muriz Thana Lushnja (Lot 1 Branch) for a total of irrigation area of 12.548 Ha.

Consultancy Services for Detailed Engineering Design, and Construction Supervision and Verification of Household Sanitation Facilities in Lilongwe

The assignment scope is to support institutional capacity strengthening activities to improve the operation and maintenance of the sanitation infrastructure, as well as the reforms needed to promote and provide sustainable, safely managed sanitation services in Lilongwe.

Can Tho City Urban Development and Resilience Project – Establishing Flood Risk Management Information System in Can Tho City

The overall objectives of this consultancy are to establish a Flood Risk Management Information System (FRMIS), based on a hydrodynamic model, to support the decision making process win Can Tho city in the following areas:
a. Operation of the city drainage and flood control and systems taking into account issues such as emergency response, waterway transport, and environmental issues;
b. Short and medium-term flood risk management, such as additional measures to be taken in the city and real-time flood forecasting;
c. Urban development planning and medium and long term investments, in which future extensions and changes in land use in the future are being designed in a water-sustainable, resilient, cost-effective way;
and to build the technical capacity of the city authorities in managing the FRMIS to ensure
the smooth operation and maintenance of the system after the project ends.

Contract for Consultancy Services for Feasibility Studies and Detailed Design of Faecal Sludge Service Chain Management in Selected Un-Sewered Urban Centers in Uganda Covering North and Eastern Towns of Moyo, Patongo, Adjumani, Namutumba And Kapchorwa (Assignment 2)

The overall objective of the assignment is to conduct feasibility studies and prepare detailed designs for sustainable delivery and access to inclusive sanitation and faecal sludge chain management services that will contribute to improved public and environmental health, productivity and living conditions of selected un-sewered urban centers in Uganda.
The specific objectives of the consultancy assignment are:
To conduct feasibility studies and prepare detailed designs for provision of sustainable access to faecal sludge management infrastructure and services in five (5) selected un-sewered urban clusters in Uganda.
To provide a basis for the mobilization of adequate resources for future investments.

Supervision of Maydh Jetty Construction, Sanaag Region, Somaliland

The project is aimed at the Maydh Jetty Construction in Sanaag Region, Somaliland.
The Specific Objective of this Assignment is the Supervision of the Maydh Jetty construction by FIDIC Conditions of Contract Guideline (edit by the International Federation of Consulting Engineers, commonly known as FIDIC), which are an international standard for consulting engineering and construction.

Rehabilitation and upgrade of Monte Madonna Basso Reservoir in Formello (Rome District)

The main task of the project is the enlargement of the existing old reservoir with a new underground tank with a capacity of 2.000 m3, the realization of a new pumping station, and the rehabilitation of 1 km of distribution pipeline

Treatment of odour of sludge treatment line in Roma Sud WWTP

The assignment is the design of 6 (six) different treatments of odour dedicated to pre-treatment, sludge thickening, and dewatering tanks for a total flow rate of 35.000 Nm3/h using scrubber and biofilters.

Rehabilitation and upgrade of Montemesola WWTP in Puglia region

The aim is to prepare the Final and Detailed Design of the rehabilitation and upgrade of Montemesola WWTP (1.600 m3/d). The project provides the process calculations and the structural design of the new Pre-treatment, Oxidation -Nitrification and sludge Stabilization tanks, and the rehabilitation of the existing tanks (Secondary sedimentation and Disinfection).

Detailed Design of Sewerage System of Ponte Ladrone Lot II

Detailed Design of Sewerage System of Ponte Ladrone II Lot (approx. 150.000 inhabitants) includes 3,0 km (ND 1200mm-1800mm) of which 2,3 km realized by microtunnelling, a pumping station (600 kW) and an some underpasses of railways, roads and rivers.

Seman River Risk Assessment and Management Project

Hydrological and Hydraulic Study of the intersection of Seman River and the Fier ByPass Road Section (Corridor North-South). Detailed Design of n. 32 concrete box culverts required to improve the drainage capacity through the road embankment to mitigate the risk of overtopping of the protection dyke on the hydraulic left of Seman River (Qmax = 2.200 m3/s).